Sea Fishing Rod Travel Hard Case Bag Tackle Bag Rod Bag Length 1350mm

FREE SHIPPING Brand : HDF Model : HB-1441 Weight : 2000g Main Color : Black Size : 1350×280×170 mm It is a high-grade sea bag made by applying the latest hard molding method to the hard coat fabric of cutting-edge ultralight new material. Ergonomic 3 handler system, dedicated pocket for gardening, surface treatment for pollution prevention, non-slip...

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Air Puncher Pneumatic Nail Puller Nail Remover Tool AP64RN KOREA

Brand : JITOOL Model : AP64RN Size : 275(A)×273(B)×94(C) mm Weight : 1700g(3.75 lbs) Air flange diameter : 1/4" NPT Operation Air Pressure : 5.0kg/㎠~8.0kg/㎠ Nail removal size (head diameter) : 3.5~6.0mm (See image) Made in KOREA Please use compressed air !! Exhaust cover 360 degree rotation (air flow angle adjustment) It is not a way to pull or pull a...

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Multi Storage Organizer Remote Control Phone Desk Holder KOREA

  • Brand : Pplusoutdoor
  • Size : 190(L)×145(W)×100~83(H)mm
  • Material : PP
  • Color : Brown
  • The versatile holder that can accommodate a remote control, glasses and a pencil.
  • Made in Korea
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Tajima Quick Stabilizing Plumb Bob Magnetic P-IM100

Brand : TajimaModel : P-IM100 Size : 85×80×50mm Weight : 150g Plumb bob : 100~110g Thread length: 4.5m. Universal setters that quickly set to wood, drywall and steel surfaces, and quick-stabilizing plumb bobs that reduce time-robbing bob wobble and spin. Plumb bob setter with quick stabilizing 100g. 30 days money back, you pay return shipping

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Wiha 246 78 SB Electricians knife Cable Stripping Knife 1000V Insulated Germany

Brand : Wiha Model : 246 78 SB Length : 190mm/8inch Weight : 142g 1000V Insulated For stripping thick cables and cutting open the various layers of multi-insulated cables. For all work on or around electrical components up to 1,000 V AC.hooked blade with sliding shoe for round cable, in blister pack For safe and precise stripping. Made in Germany 30 days...

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Bessey BPC-H34 H Style Pipe Clamp 3/4 Inch

FREE SHIPPING Brand : Bessey Model : BPC-H34 Weight : 1230g Size : Image H-Shaped Foot Assembly Stabilizes The Clamp In Two Dimensions Giving Dual-Axis Stability Extra High Base Provides Industry Leading Clearance From The Work Surface Cast Jaw For Durability 2 soft jaw caps are included to prevent damaging materials being clamped Zinc plated clutch...

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Bosch Dust Cap Attachment for Rotary Hammer DUST CUP (D6H)

Brand : Bosch Model : DUST CUP (D6H) Size : See image. Simple and easy dust collection attachment User and hammer protection from dust Tube inner/outer diam. 69/84mm Length released/pressed 152/52mm Fitting drill bit length 160/210mm Attachable depth gauge For overhead and horizontal drilling Compatible with most Bosch SDS-plus rotary hammers Simple...

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Bosch Professional for Guided Straight Cuts with the Jigsaw on the Guide Rail FSN SA

Brand : Bosch Model : FSN SA Size : 177×132mm Can be used with GST 160, GST 140, GST 1400 and GST 18 V-LIB, GST 18 V-LIS, JS572 Guide rail system enables rapid completion of precise, straight cuts. The vel connecting piece can be used to connect rails of different lengths precisely, sturdily and quickly. The wan angle guide helps to align the guide rails...

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Markal 96007 Silver-Streak Metal Welding Marker Lead Refill 6PCS 120mm

  • Brand : Markal
  • Model : 96007
  • Color : Silver
  • Length : 120mm
  • Applicable Materials: Most Metals
  • Shape : Round
  • Type : Metal Marker Refill
  • Quantity : 6
  • 30 days money back, you pay return shipping

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